The Congress House Studio is a fully equipped analog/digital studio that is set in an old house on 2 acres in beautiful south Austin. It all began in the mid ‘80s when Producer Mark Hallman rented the house to do pre-production on his recording projects. The house quickly transformed into a full blown studio.

Designed to create an atmosphere in which the recording artist can most comfortably capture the important moments of the creative process, the entire house is set aside for the use of the artist and production team.

The studio utilizes 3 cutting rooms. The first is an acoustically designed 20′ x 20′x 10′ live-end, dead-end room with two 6′ x 8′ isolation booths. The walls are cedar with stategically placed absorbers; the floor is hardwood. The second is a live 20′ by 18′ by 12′ space with a concrete floor. These rooms may be used together as one big room or seperately with the use of a specially designed portable wall. The third is a 12′ by 12′ by 8′ room with a hardwood floor.

Every effort has been made to insure the highest integrity in signal flow:

  • Mogami cabling used throughout
  • Balanced power iso-transformers in cutting room for “buzzless” recording
  • Separate ground for control room with all lines power-conditioned
  • An excellent easy-to-use patch bay

There is a kitchen and lounge area available at all times.

The control room is 12′ x 15′ x 9′. The back wall is a bass trap; the ceiling is angled and absorbant; the walls are non-reflective and the floor is hardwood. Cameras and monitors allow viewing back and forth from the main cutting room.

Meet Andre Moran - Head Engineer

One of the finest recoding engineers in the country, Andre Moran knows what it takes to make artists comfortable and ensure a world-class recording. Click the button to lean more about Andre.